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365 miniature paintings by Lorraine Loots

Snapchats from Harry Potter

Snapchats from Harry Potter


Buy a font from the writing of a homeless person

flower crown dog

A project changing the perception of ‘dangerous’ dogs



Tapestry Crochet Pin Cushion


Pin Cushion

Learning how to tapestry crochet (aka colourwork or jacquard) opens a whole realm of new possibilities, it isn’t as hard as it first appears, so I would definitely recommend giving it a go!

I was getting annoyed with how messy my work looked, so I learned to reverse single crochet, and doing this every other row makes the front a lot neater! Also, I figured out the design works best when the pattern changes by only one stitch on each row (ie. my triangles start with one stitch, then the second row builds to two stitches then three of that colour and so on, rather than going from one straight to three).

Tapestry Crochet

When I felt I’d got it how I wanted I stitched a square of cotton to the back and added a ribbon. Now I have a new pin cushion to tie to my sewing machine (and take off when I’m working further away from it), perfect!

Pin Cushion on Sewing Machine

Swing Dress Tutorial


Okay, so here is my first tutorial! Please bear with me, I’m new to blogging and to be honest I’m pretty new to what I’m blogging about, any feedback is very welcome! I was given a few pieces of fabric a while ago and as this is such a large piece I knew I wanted to make a dress, the fabric is quite heavy which makes it great for the cooler weather approaching, a lighter fabric with more drape would work well too.


Swing dresses are great, the are easy to wear and a belt instantly makes them smarter. They are also great to sew because there is considerable room for error as they don’t need to fit perfect measurements, and you don’t even need to add a button or zip. If you can sew a curved hem you are good to go!


You will just need some newspaper and a pen to make the pattern, plus of course the material (two meters), scissors, matching thread and a tape measure. Oh, and a sewing machine of course!


I used this image above to create the pattern (click image to enlarge), with a couple of adjustments that I will specify as I go along. I have tried to find the original link but it has evaded me, so here is a link to the creator’s website. I guess this would fit a size 8 UK depending on the fit you want.


First you need to draw these measurements onto the newspaper and cut out the pattern.



If your material has a pattern, consider where you want this to be on the dress, then fold it over and pin the pattern along the crease, then cut through both layers. Do this for the back piece too, the only difference is the height of the neck hole.


Pin the two pieces together and sew a straight stitch along the shoulders and sides, leaving the arm holes. Remember to back stitch at the beginning and end. It’s already looking pretty close to being finished! This is a good point to try the dress on, you can get a rough idea of the fit and determine whether you want to change anything. I cut the bottom line into more of a curved edge, and shortened it by 2 cm. I also took a little in from the sides.



Fold the bottom edge over by 5mm, and then over again by 5mm, so that the raw edge is hidden. Pin in place and repeat with the neck and arm holes. Carefully sew these parts, remember this will be visible on the outside so use a cotton thread that matches!


And that’s it! You’re done!!

Chunky Circle Scarf


crochet scarf

I absolutely love autumn and I’ve realised I’m seriously lacking in scarves, so when I came across this beautiful chunky circle scarf pattern it went to the top of my ‘to make’ list. You could probably do this in a day, although if you start now you’ve got plenty of time left before it gets too chilly. It’s so perfect I’ve already started a second one!

Although some of the stitches may seem complicated at first, there is a lot of repetition so you don’t need to be very experienced to make this, yay! I used two 100g balls of Hayfield’s extra chunky wool in a gorgeous teal shade, so this scarf cost me around £4.

chunky crochet scarf

Granny Square Blanket


crochet blanket

This was a pretty big crochet project to take on as I still class myself as a beginner, but the repetition of the granny squares meant I could almost do them with my eyes closed by the end, so don’t be put off if you are just starting out. The pattern I used for the squares can be found here, and I just kept going until I was happy with the quantity. Maybe I should have used a more limited colour palette, I got a bit overexcited mixing colours!

Crochet Granny Square Blanket

Co-ordinating Outfit


This started as a half circle skirt project, but with material left over I felt compelled to make a co-ordinating outfit as they have been everywhere this summer! I want to say early on that this isn’t a tutorial, maybe it will be if I get my act together, but there are plenty of changes the pattern needs before I let anyone else loose on it!

Even though I’ve never made a top before, or made my own pattern, I decided I had to make a cropped off the shoulder top as I still haven’t found one I love. Using paper first I worked up something close to what I wanted, but at a guess I would say I made about thirty alterations to the original pattern while sewing the pieces together, and it still isn’t quite right! It’s good enough for some photos though 😛

co-ordinating outfit

Half Circle Skirt
As long as you can sew a curved hem, insert a zip and aren’t against a little hand stitching then you’ll be able to make the skirt. I used patterned cotton that I bought from Tragos, and I used less than two meters so this whole outfit probably cost around £6, including two zips.

I used this great resource to draft the pattern, but I doubled the height of the waistband, and after attaching it to the top of the skirt I then folded it in half lengthways and slip stitched it to the inside, tucking in the hem. This adds a bit of time to the project, but it makes the skirt look good from the inside too!

Circle Skirt Waistband