Crochet Pebble


It’s time to start making some Christmas gifts! This is one of those things that takes a few attempts (for me, at least), so it means I need to start a while before Christmas.

Starting with a small pebble I used different patterns I’d found online to make a little cosy for it. Using embroidery thread, rather than crochet thread, made quite a difference and it doesn’t look as tidy. I will definitely give it another go! Extra thoughtfulness points for if the stone is found from somewhere your recipient likes to spend time, like a beach or woodland.

Crochet Pebble


Chunky Ribbed Scarf


Crochet Scarf

I really wanted a plain, simple chunky scarf that could be worn with anything, but all the patterns I found were circle/ infinity deigns, and I didn’t feel sure enough to alter the patterns before having made it. Eventually I came across this pattern, which was exactly what I wanted, and it’s free!

I used a marble grey wool and I didn’t use the whole ball of wool so I’d say it cost around £3 to £4 to make, and was incredibly easy. The only change I made to the pattern was instead of alternating between rows, I picked up just the front stitch on every row. This changes the ribbing slightly but still looks great, I did this so the front and back were the same, rather than there being a better side 🙂 What I love about this length is that it can be wrapped around twice to be very cosy, or wrapped once to just add a bit of warmth, and still have the great feeling of wearing a scarf.

ribbing  crochet scarf

Tartan Dress


tartan dress

Tartan is everywhere and I love it, so I wanted to make something before this trend disappears! I created the pattern from a dress that I own, and the process went quite well, I’ll make some alterations to the pattern so that I can reuse it sometime.

The top half is quite fitted, with a looser skirt and a zip at the back. I absolutely love the material (the label called it poly viscose), it is warm, has a little flexibility, and although it frayed a lot it was easy to work with. I used less than a meter and a half, so including the zip this dress cost me around £6, which makes it even better!!

tartan dress

tartan dress

Innocent ‘Big Knit’ Hats


I’m sure you’ve seen how this time every year the innocent smoothie bottles are adorned with cute little wooly hats – all in aid of Age UK. I really wanted to get involved, and this is the result!

Innocent Hats

You can find the basic hat pattern along with some fun variations on the Innocent website. The deadline is 12th December, so there’s still plenty of time to have a go. I crocheted these, so you don’t have to be able to knit! This tortoise cutie is my favourite.

Tortoise hat

Work in Progress


So term at Uni has started again and I haven’t had enough spare time to finish any of my projects, but there’s a few I’m really excited about getting going with…

I’ve bought some tartan material to make this picnic blanket skirt which will be perfect for Autumn, won’t it?!


I’ve got a gorgeous ball of wool to make a long chunky crochet scarf. And my laptop should be nice and cosy too, if this sleeve continues the way it’s going. Can you tell I love cooler weather?


tapestry laptop cover