Cosy Slipper Socks


I had some chunky wool left over from a scarf I made, and thought some little slippers would be fun to use it up. I changed this pattern quite a bit to be able to use thicker wool, so it involved a lot of trial and error, but the pattern it great! Also, one reason mine look very different is because I misread the pattern, and instead of tearing it back I just carried on with the way I was doing it, oops! I added a little touch of a yellow trim around the top too. If you make something like this, I strongly recommend making notes about the changes you make, so that the pair matches!

crochet slippers




Do You Ever Make Things You Don’t Wear?


With some leftover material I thought I have a go at a simple a line mini skirt, after liking one I found in a shop. Now, I don’t know if it is my bad fitting, or the fact the material doesn’t have much stretch.. but whatever it is, the skirt doesn’t suit me at all! So unless I can figure out a way to fix it this will end up at the back of my wardrobe, because I am reluctant to throw it away. Does this ever happen to anyone else?!

tartan skirt

Fabric Basket


I have a massive bag of wool in a cupboard, but I don’t want to rummage through it every time I want to crochet. This small fabric basket looked perfect – something more attractive than a plastic bag that I could store current projects in easy reach of my bed! I didn’t add the handles so that it could fit on my shelf more comfortably, but the pattern is great!

fabric basket

Using interfacing and hand sewing made it a little bit fiddly, but it wasn’t too difficult. It was a while ago that I made this, but at a guess I would say that it cost about £3.