Jersey Dress, with Pockets!


I bought half a meter of ponte roma jersey to play with as I’ve only ever really sewn with cotton. It was a lot easier than I thought and I ended up making a dress! It is a very simple design and it didn’t even need a zip. It is really comfortable fits well, and the best bit is the pockets! I made the pattern myself by drawing around a top I liked, extending the length, and adding the seam allowance. I can tell this is going to be an item I wear regularly so I’m thrilled.

jersey dress

I bought this from (it’s a very garish site, so be prepared!). I bought a few pieces so the postage was about £5, but this half meter of jersey was only £2!! I will definitely be ordering from the site again.



Working on: Crochet Blanket


This chunky lacey throw is so beautiful I wanted to make it as soon as I saw it, and the pattern is free! It is so much faster to work up than the first blanket I made, as the hook and wool is so much bigger. I keep laying it over my bed to admire it! Anyone else got any projects they’re loving on the go? 🙂

crochet blanket


Learning to Knit!


I guess I should probably make a new ‘Knitting’ category soon, because guess what, I’ve finally got it! After crocheting a sewing for a little while I new knitting was the next thing I wanted to do, but in the past it has just never come to me easily. For Christmas I got some beautiful wool and a promise from my mum that she would help me to knit a hat. I must say, it did take a lot of mistakes and pulling back (even stitching up a hole at the end, but no one ones that, shh), but in a few days I had this lovely thing!


For anyone hoping to pick up this skill, I would suggest using wooden needles as I felt I had more control with them, and maybe trying something a bit smaller like a dishcloth, as having so much heavy wool on the needles felt very clunky! But then again, maybe something more challenging to start with is also very rewarding, I definitely suggest you try it! I’m still very slow, and maybe this is the technique I’m using, or maybe it’s just because I’m new at it. Has anyone else begun knitting, or anything else new?!

Geometric Cushion


I finished this project a while ago, but as it was a Christmas present I didn’t post it just in case they saw! I used six different coloured fabrics, but this could work equally well with monochrome. The back is a simple envelope style, and I used the same material to make bias binding for the piping. I was pleased that it wasn’t too difficult to make the corners line up, but maybe that was beginners luck! I’m not sure which sites I used to figure out how to make this, but tell me if you’d like me to have a look for them! Oh, and it was well received 🙂

geometric cushion