Summer Pyjama Set DIY


Making comfortable and wearable shorts has been a goal for a while, and after a couple of pairs went in the scrap pile I think I’ve managed it! These are elasticated at the sides and front, so that the front section isn’t too bulky, and the drawstring goes all the way around so they can be adjusted. I made them high waisted because that is much more flattering on me! I paired this with a crop top with a trim to unify them!

summer pjs

I only used two pillow cases to make this whole set! I’m quite little so the pillow case only took a few cuts to make it into this top, so if you want a larger size you might need more than just the two cases. I bought some bias binding because I thought it was so pretty, but if you have pretty fabric scraps that could work well too.

I can create a step by step DIY if anyone wants it, but there are lots of good shorts tutorials out there!


As you can see the top doesn’t lie flat, because the neckline and armholes are slightly bunched. I decided to go back to it, unpick it, and make bias binding to fix the problem. It took a while, but it looks so much better now, and I even remembered to iron the set before I photographed it 😛

summer pjs

summer pjs