Autumn/ Winter Projects


I’ve got quite excited shopping for fabric on ebay, it might take a bit of searching, but I’ve come across some good pieces now! Recently I’ve bought two meters of patterned crepe de chines (shop here) which have such a lovely drape and stunning colours.


fabric pile

My list of AW15 projects is difficult to narrow down, but I want to pick three to five so that I don’t feel too overwhelmed! A couple of Christmas present boxy bags are on the list already, so here’s what I’ve chosen to sew for myself.


swing dress


A smock dress, long sleeve swing dress and a skirt somewhere between an a line and circle. I have the fabric for all of these things, so it’s time to just get started! Do you plan in advance or just decide along the way?


Boxy Make Up Bag


My existing make up bag is a little small and very plain, and I’ve made a boxy bag before and love how wide it can open, and how cute it looks! So after I bought this fabric I knew I wanted to make a new make up bag with it. I chose a pink lining to use up fabric I already had, and bought a lacy zip to add detail to it, you can find it for a pound or two on ebay!



I followed this tutorial, and added lining and little zip pulls on either end, after experience shows this is much easier to open! I really like the way the sides of this look, it is slightly messier inside, but a lot easier than versions I’ve made before.



For this project you need s small amount of two fabrics, plus interfacing and a zip, so if you’re using left over fabric you could easily make it for a couple of pounds! They’re great Christmas gifts, either folded and wrapped with a ribbon, or filled with bath things.



A Line Skirt


I wanted a simple black a line skirt, but it’s impossible to find one that fits when you’re not regular proportions! This is the first cooler weather piece I’ve made, and I think I’m making the transition now to Autumn/ Winter clothes. I don’t know if this the right sort of time or year, or if I’m just longing for the cooler weather to hurry up!

a line skirt

To make this I drew around I skirt I had which almost fit, adding extra for the seam allowance and darts. I slightly misjudged the measurements, so after trying the almost finished garment on, I had to unpick the front darts to allow me to feel comfortable rather than squeezed in, but luckily it still has pretty good shaping, with darts at the back. While working with the fabric sat on my lap, I realised it feels very itchy against my skin, so I added a lining as an afterthought. It isn’t neat inside, but it does the job!

a line skirtP1050908

a line skirt

It turns out pins don’t stay in wool very well, and I’ve already found two pins on the floor that I didn’t know I’d lost, so fingers crossed I don’t find another one by standing on it! Anyone else started fantasising or sewing Autumn/ Winter clothes?

a line skirt

a line skirt

Learning to Knit


Yay I think I’ve finally got the hang of knitting!! I’ve chatted to a lot of fellow crocheters who struggle with knitting, and visa versa, but I decided a relaxing summer holiday would be the perfect time to pick up the needles again.

If you are considering learning to knit, I recommend using wooden needles as they aren’t too slippy and allow you to take it a bit slower. Instead of asking someone to repeatedly show you the same little part you can’t get the hang of, it’s much better to use youtube tutorials! You can pause them and repeat them as often as you need! Start with casting on, then knit and purl stitches and  soon you’ll be off. The set below is available for a tenner on Amazon, and is similar to mine, you could start with one pair, but I promise you once you start you’ll be addicted and want the whole set 😛

Knitting needle set

Eventually I can begin to work on my wish list of knitted things, and now I’m dreaming of autumn!

Preemie Hats!


To practise with reading patterns and different stitches I needed a project: preemie hats!
preemie hats

Hats for premature babies are needed by hospitals to keep the little things warm, and they must be soft and washable. They work up quickly, and if a finished hat isn’t quite right I’m happy to unwind it or throw it away as I haven’t lost much time or yarn. There are so many websites that offer free patterns for preemies, and lots of charities looking for knitters. I’m going to carry on making these between projects. It makes me happy that I can do a little bit to help these vulnerable babies, and perhaps the hat might be kept as a keepsake!
preemie hats or icecream?

A fellow blogger has posted ‘rules’ for these hats here. The patterns that I started with can be found here, there are lots of variations for whatever needles you have, and the instructions are easy to follow!

preemie hats pile

This project is as cheap or expensive as you want it to be, the small quantity of yarn needed for each hat means is a great stash buster project for left over yarn. When I’ve got a few more I’ll decide which charity to send them to.