Learning to Knit


Yay I think I’ve finally got the hang of knitting!! I’ve chatted to a lot of fellow crocheters who struggle with knitting, and visa versa, but I decided a relaxing summer holiday would be the perfect time to pick up the needles again.

If you are considering learning to knit, I recommend using wooden needles as they aren’t too slippy and allow you to take it a bit slower. Instead of asking someone to repeatedly show you the same little part you can’t get the hang of, it’s much better to use youtube tutorials! You can pause them and repeat them as often as you need! Start with casting on, then knit and purl stitches and  soon you’ll be off. The set below is available for a tenner on Amazon, and is similar to mine, you could start with one pair, but I promise you once you start you’ll be addicted and want the whole set 😛

Knitting needle set

Eventually I can begin to work on my wish list of knitted things, and now I’m dreaming of autumn!


Preemie Hats!


To practise with reading patterns and different stitches I needed a project: preemie hats!
preemie hats

Hats for premature babies are needed by hospitals to keep the little things warm, and they must be soft and washable. They work up quickly, and if a finished hat isn’t quite right I’m happy to unwind it or throw it away as I haven’t lost much time or yarn. There are so many websites that offer free patterns for preemies, and lots of charities looking for knitters. I’m going to carry on making these between projects. It makes me happy that I can do a little bit to help these vulnerable babies, and perhaps the hat might be kept as a keepsake!
preemie hats or icecream?

A fellow blogger has posted ‘rules’ for these hats here. The patterns that I started with can be found here, there are lots of variations for whatever needles you have, and the instructions are easy to follow!

preemie hats pile

This project is as cheap or expensive as you want it to be, the small quantity of yarn needed for each hat means is a great stash buster project for left over yarn. When I’ve got a few more I’ll decide which charity to send them to.

Learning to Knit!


I guess I should probably make a new ‘Knitting’ category soon, because guess what, I’ve finally got it! After crocheting a sewing for a little while I new knitting was the next thing I wanted to do, but in the past it has just never come to me easily. For Christmas I got some beautiful wool and a promise from my mum that she would help me to knit a hat. I must say, it did take a lot of mistakes and pulling back (even stitching up a hole at the end, but no one ones that, shh), but in a few days I had this lovely thing!


For anyone hoping to pick up this skill, I would suggest using wooden needles as I felt I had more control with them, and maybe trying something a bit smaller like a dishcloth, as having so much heavy wool on the needles felt very clunky! But then again, maybe something more challenging to start with is also very rewarding, I definitely suggest you try it! I’m still very slow, and maybe this is the technique I’m using, or maybe it’s just because I’m new at it. Has anyone else begun knitting, or anything else new?!

Cosy Slipper Socks


I had some chunky wool left over from a scarf I made, and thought some little slippers would be fun to use it up. I changed this pattern quite a bit to be able to use thicker wool, so it involved a lot of trial and error, but the pattern it great! Also, one reason mine look very different is because I misread the pattern, and instead of tearing it back I just carried on with the way I was doing it, oops! I added a little touch of a yellow trim around the top too. If you make something like this, I strongly recommend making notes about the changes you make, so that the pair matches!

crochet slippers



Crochet Pebble


It’s time to start making some Christmas gifts! This is one of those things that takes a few attempts (for me, at least), so it means I need to start a while before Christmas.

Starting with a small pebble I used different patterns I’d found online to make a little cosy for it. Using embroidery thread, rather than crochet thread, made quite a difference and it doesn’t look as tidy. I will definitely give it another go! Extra thoughtfulness points for if the stone is found from somewhere your recipient likes to spend time, like a beach or woodland.

Crochet Pebble

Chunky Ribbed Scarf


Crochet Scarf

I really wanted a plain, simple chunky scarf that could be worn with anything, but all the patterns I found were circle/ infinity deigns, and I didn’t feel sure enough to alter the patterns before having made it. Eventually I came across this pattern, which was exactly what I wanted, and it’s free!

I used a marble grey wool and I didn’t use the whole ball of wool so I’d say it cost around £3 to £4 to make, and was incredibly easy. The only change I made to the pattern was instead of alternating between rows, I picked up just the front stitch on every row. This changes the ribbing slightly but still looks great, I did this so the front and back were the same, rather than there being a better side 🙂 What I love about this length is that it can be wrapped around twice to be very cosy, or wrapped once to just add a bit of warmth, and still have the great feeling of wearing a scarf.

ribbing  crochet scarf

Innocent ‘Big Knit’ Hats


I’m sure you’ve seen how this time every year the innocent smoothie bottles are adorned with cute little wooly hats – all in aid of Age UK. I really wanted to get involved, and this is the result!

Innocent Hats

You can find the basic hat pattern along with some fun variations on the Innocent website. The deadline is 12th December, so there’s still plenty of time to have a go. I crocheted these, so you don’t have to be able to knit! This tortoise cutie is my favourite.

Tortoise hat

Tapestry Crochet Pin Cushion


Pin Cushion

Learning how to tapestry crochet (aka colourwork or jacquard) opens a whole realm of new possibilities, it isn’t as hard as it first appears, so I would definitely recommend giving it a go!

I was getting annoyed with how messy my work looked, so I learned to reverse single crochet, and doing this every other row makes the front a lot neater! Also, I figured out the design works best when the pattern changes by only one stitch on each row (ie. my triangles start with one stitch, then the second row builds to two stitches then three of that colour and so on, rather than going from one straight to three).

Tapestry Crochet

When I felt I’d got it how I wanted I stitched a square of cotton to the back and added a ribbon. Now I have a new pin cushion to tie to my sewing machine (and take off when I’m working further away from it), perfect!

Pin Cushion on Sewing Machine