Do you ever just stop sewing?


You may have noticed that I haven’t blogged properly for a while, and my last sewing blog was months ago! This is mostly because my machine started acting up, and after trying (and failing) to fix it myself I just sort of gave up! Now my degree is done and I have oodles of free time I just want to jump back on it.

Do you ever have days or months when you just give up with your favourite thing to do?¬†Uni along with a part time job didn’t leave me with much free time, but I don’t want to have a lull like that again, I missed it so much! I have a longgggg list of things to make now, a travel make up bag, a crop top, a jumper, an a line skirt ect, and I have material for most of these things, so now I just need to get on it! Closely following other bloggers will give me inspiration in no time, I’m sure ūüôā


My ‘To Make’ List


It’s been a busy couple of weeks for me, and I haven’t had time to complete any projects, which I need to rectify! This post includes my favourite tutorials for things¬†that I plan to make (very soon, hopefully!), what’s on your ‘to make’ list?


All I need is a good hole punch and this tutorial for a leather journal looks incredibly simple, and incredibly effective.

leather bound journal tutorial


Hand printed fabric is just gorgeous, this idea could be great for wrapping paper too.




This¬†cushion cover with piping¬†is actually half done, but as it’s a Christmas present there won’t be any photos of it for a few weeks, shh

cushion cover with piping


Fabric scrap twine¬†is another thing I want to make before I wrap presents, it’s a great way to use up leftover bits so all I need is a bit of time.



This beautiful smock dress looks so comfy for everyday wear, and could easily be worn in winter with tights and a chunky cardy, or as a cooler summer outfit.

smock dress


Using bleach to create one off fabric designs is a wonderful idea, this tutorial is excellent.

bleached fabric

Work in Progress


So term at Uni has started again and I haven’t had enough spare time to finish any of my projects, but there’s a few I’m really excited about getting going with…

I’ve bought some tartan material to make this picnic blanket skirt which will be perfect for Autumn, won’t it?!


I’ve got a gorgeous ball of wool to make a¬†long¬†chunky crochet scarf. And¬†my laptop should be nice and cosy too, if this sleeve continues the way it’s going. Can you tell I love cooler weather?


tapestry laptop cover