Autumn/ Winter Projects


I’ve got quite excited shopping for fabric on ebay, it might take a bit of searching, but I’ve come across some good pieces now! Recently I’ve bought two meters of patterned crepe de chines (shop here) which have such a lovely drape and stunning colours.


fabric pile

My list of AW15 projects is difficult to narrow down, but I want to pick three to five so that I don’t feel too overwhelmed! A couple of Christmas present boxy bags are on the list already, so here’s what I’ve chosen to sew for myself.


swing dress


A smock dress, long sleeve swing dress and a skirt somewhere between an a line and circle. I have the fabric for all of these things, so it’s time to just get started! Do you plan in advance or just decide along the way?


Boxy Make Up Bag


My existing make up bag is a little small and very plain, and I’ve made a boxy bag before and love how wide it can open, and how cute it looks! So after I bought this fabric I knew I wanted to make a new make up bag with it. I chose a pink lining to use up fabric I already had, and bought a lacy zip to add detail to it, you can find it for a pound or two on ebay!



I followed this tutorial, and added lining and little zip pulls on either end, after experience shows this is much easier to open! I really like the way the sides of this look, it is slightly messier inside, but a lot easier than versions I’ve made before.



For this project you need s small amount of two fabrics, plus interfacing and a zip, so if you’re using left over fabric you could easily make it for a couple of pounds! They’re great Christmas gifts, either folded and wrapped with a ribbon, or filled with bath things.



A Line Skirt


I wanted a simple black a line skirt, but it’s impossible to find one that fits when you’re not regular proportions! This is the first cooler weather piece I’ve made, and I think I’m making the transition now to Autumn/ Winter clothes. I don’t know if this the right sort of time or year, or if I’m just longing for the cooler weather to hurry up!

a line skirt

To make this I drew around I skirt I had which almost fit, adding extra for the seam allowance and darts. I slightly misjudged the measurements, so after trying the almost finished garment on, I had to unpick the front darts to allow me to feel comfortable rather than squeezed in, but luckily it still has pretty good shaping, with darts at the back. While working with the fabric sat on my lap, I realised it feels very itchy against my skin, so I added a lining as an afterthought. It isn’t neat inside, but it does the job!

a line skirtP1050908

a line skirt

It turns out pins don’t stay in wool very well, and I’ve already found two pins on the floor that I didn’t know I’d lost, so fingers crossed I don’t find another one by standing on it! Anyone else started fantasising or sewing Autumn/ Winter clothes?

a line skirt

a line skirt

Summer Pyjama Set DIY


Making comfortable and wearable shorts has been a goal for a while, and after a couple of pairs went in the scrap pile I think I’ve managed it! These are elasticated at the sides and front, so that the front section isn’t too bulky, and the drawstring goes all the way around so they can be adjusted. I made them high waisted because that is much more flattering on me! I paired this with a crop top with a trim to unify them!

summer pjs

I only used two pillow cases to make this whole set! I’m quite little so the pillow case only took a few cuts to make it into this top, so if you want a larger size you might need more than just the two cases. I bought some bias binding because I thought it was so pretty, but if you have pretty fabric scraps that could work well too.

I can create a step by step DIY if anyone wants it, but there are lots of good shorts tutorials out there!


As you can see the top doesn’t lie flat, because the neckline and armholes are slightly bunched. I decided to go back to it, unpick it, and make bias binding to fix the problem. It took a while, but it looks so much better now, and I even remembered to iron the set before I photographed it 😛

summer pjs

summer pjs

Jersey Dress, with Pockets!


I bought half a meter of ponte roma jersey to play with as I’ve only ever really sewn with cotton. It was a lot easier than I thought and I ended up making a dress! It is a very simple design and it didn’t even need a zip. It is really comfortable fits well, and the best bit is the pockets! I made the pattern myself by drawing around a top I liked, extending the length, and adding the seam allowance. I can tell this is going to be an item I wear regularly so I’m thrilled.

jersey dress

I bought this from (it’s a very garish site, so be prepared!). I bought a few pieces so the postage was about £5, but this half meter of jersey was only £2!! I will definitely be ordering from the site again.


Geometric Cushion


I finished this project a while ago, but as it was a Christmas present I didn’t post it just in case they saw! I used six different coloured fabrics, but this could work equally well with monochrome. The back is a simple envelope style, and I used the same material to make bias binding for the piping. I was pleased that it wasn’t too difficult to make the corners line up, but maybe that was beginners luck! I’m not sure which sites I used to figure out how to make this, but tell me if you’d like me to have a look for them! Oh, and it was well received 🙂

geometric cushion



Pleated Dress


I picked up a meter of cotton a couple of weeks ago for a crazily cheap price (I think about £3), so I wanted to experiment with something I hadn’t tried before, pleats!

pleated dress

The pleats were actually pretty simple, once I decided that I wanted knife pleats, and roughly how big I wanted them it was just a case of pinning and sewing. I must say though, I rushed, and whenever I rush I make so many mistakes it’s never worth it (just me?!). Firstly I forgot the zip, then the one I added in was too short so it was still impossible to actually wear, then when I finally put the right one in, I managed to sew the back of the dress into the zip, gahh! But eventually I got it right, and luckily the material was hardwearing enough that my multiple attempts don’t show. I sort of made up the pattern, but I’m really pleased with the fit and I think it could be a wintery dress with tights and a chunky cardigan, or paired with a bright belt and jewellery to be a pretty summer dress too.

Do You Ever Make Things You Don’t Wear?


With some leftover material I thought I have a go at a simple a line mini skirt, after liking one I found in a shop. Now, I don’t know if it is my bad fitting, or the fact the material doesn’t have much stretch.. but whatever it is, the skirt doesn’t suit me at all! So unless I can figure out a way to fix it this will end up at the back of my wardrobe, because I am reluctant to throw it away. Does this ever happen to anyone else?!

tartan skirt

Fabric Basket


I have a massive bag of wool in a cupboard, but I don’t want to rummage through it every time I want to crochet. This small fabric basket looked perfect – something more attractive than a plastic bag that I could store current projects in easy reach of my bed! I didn’t add the handles so that it could fit on my shelf more comfortably, but the pattern is great!

fabric basket

Using interfacing and hand sewing made it a little bit fiddly, but it wasn’t too difficult. It was a while ago that I made this, but at a guess I would say that it cost about £3.

Tartan Dress


tartan dress

Tartan is everywhere and I love it, so I wanted to make something before this trend disappears! I created the pattern from a dress that I own, and the process went quite well, I’ll make some alterations to the pattern so that I can reuse it sometime.

The top half is quite fitted, with a looser skirt and a zip at the back. I absolutely love the material (the label called it poly viscose), it is warm, has a little flexibility, and although it frayed a lot it was easy to work with. I used less than a meter and a half, so including the zip this dress cost me around £6, which makes it even better!!

tartan dress

tartan dress