Pleated Dress


I picked up a meter of cotton a couple of weeks ago for a crazily cheap price (I think about £3), so I wanted to experiment with something I hadn’t tried before, pleats!

pleated dress

The pleats were actually pretty simple, once I decided that I wanted knife pleats, and roughly how big I wanted them it was just a case of pinning and sewing. I must say though, I rushed, and whenever I rush I make so many mistakes it’s never worth it (just me?!). Firstly I forgot the zip, then the one I added in was too short so it was still impossible to actually wear, then when I finally put the right one in, I managed to sew the back of the dress into the zip, gahh! But eventually I got it right, and luckily the material was hardwearing enough that my multiple attempts don’t show. I sort of made up the pattern, but I’m really pleased with the fit and I think it could be a wintery dress with tights and a chunky cardigan, or paired with a bright belt and jewellery to be a pretty summer dress too.


My ‘To Make’ List


It’s been a busy couple of weeks for me, and I haven’t had time to complete any projects, which I need to rectify! This post includes my favourite tutorials for things that I plan to make (very soon, hopefully!), what’s on your ‘to make’ list?


All I need is a good hole punch and this tutorial for a leather journal looks incredibly simple, and incredibly effective.

leather bound journal tutorial


Hand printed fabric is just gorgeous, this idea could be great for wrapping paper too.




This cushion cover with piping is actually half done, but as it’s a Christmas present there won’t be any photos of it for a few weeks, shh

cushion cover with piping


Fabric scrap twine is another thing I want to make before I wrap presents, it’s a great way to use up leftover bits so all I need is a bit of time.



This beautiful smock dress looks so comfy for everyday wear, and could easily be worn in winter with tights and a chunky cardy, or as a cooler summer outfit.

smock dress


Using bleach to create one off fabric designs is a wonderful idea, this tutorial is excellent.

bleached fabric